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5 simple recruiting tips for faster hiring

When it comes to recruiting and hiring top talent, time is the absolute essence.

An unfilled position always costs the company. Furthermore, the longer a company hires someone, the more expensive and frustrating the entire process becomes. As a result, companies try to rush the entire process, and they end up making common hiring mistakes, which can have drastic consequences.
Nevertheless, there is a significant difference between rushing a hiring process and optimizing it, taking less time.
So how to speed things up a little bit without sacrificing the quality of your hiring process and candidates?
We have prepared five simple recruiting tips to help you attract top talent and speed up your hiring process.

1. Create a referral program.

For about 88% of employers, referrals turn out to be the leading source of superior candidates. This is because referred candidates are more likely to fit into company culture and are more accessible and less costly to hire.
So, how to establish a referral program? According to research published by StorseDigital, most HR professionals (87%) agree that the number-one way to boost referrals is through better employee engagement.
A significant number of companies reward their employees with a cash employee referral bonus for referring a qualified candidate who gets hired. Some companies even give the employees a few days off. The rewards vary from company to company, but one thing is the same – companies incentivize employees to give quality candidate recommendations.

2. Promote from within the organization

Instead of looking for new candidates only, many companies encourage their current staff members to apply for a new position. Being open to internal applications can significantly speed up the hiring process. Also, it comes with numerous benefits.
Internal hiring is less expensive and less risky as well – you already know the employee, their strengths, flaws, and abilities. In addition, internal hiring can make employees feel more satisfied with your company as you are giving them genuine progression opportunities and perhaps even a chance to change their career path.

3. Have a clear job description.

One of the reasons companies end up with a lengthy hiring process is that they have difficulties attracting quality candidates. Therefore, a job description should identify skills and experience that are needed for the position.
In addition, it is recommended to describe the position in detail so candidates can have a better understanding of their future responsibilities and the chance for growth and progress. Last but not least, a job description should list the benefits candidates get to enjoy when they join the company.
LinkedIn has an excellent guide to creating job posts that attract candidates. Make sure to check it out!

4. Take advantage of telephone/video interviews.

When companies find a candidate for a particular position, the first step is to schedule an interview to get to know the candidate. Many companies prefer on-site interviews, which are not always that easy to arrange. In addition, company recruiters and the candidate have obligations, and it can be challenging to find a suitable time for both sides.
That is where telephone and video interviews step in. These are a great way to judge a candidate’s general suitability for the position and quickly assess a candidate’s overall personality. Scheduling initial interviews over a (video) call will undoubtedly speed up the hiring process.

5. Do not wait to extend a job offer.

Once you find a great candidate for a role, do not search for someone else or explore other options. Leaving candidates waiting for a response for a long time is a surefire way to lose them to another company.
Top talent is always in demand, and no candidate will wait for an offer for too long. To be more precise, a great candidate will wait roughly two weeks before losing interest in a company.
Furthermore, that is it! These five simple recruiting tips are easy to implement, yet they could significantly speed up your hiring process.
If you still find it challenging to grow your team or scale your company, we are here for you!

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