Talent Acquisition Czechia

Listen and Ask the Right Questions

He studied international relations and diplomacy. He graduated and then started for a master’s degree. After that, he started working and believed that the future of his career was in marketing. And then a reversal happened, and he became a broker. This is the story of Din Šačić, a Resource broker at StorsenDigital.

“It all started with a project I worked on with Tarik Altumbabic (CEO of StorsenDigital). He offered me the opportunity for cooperation, which started as a part-time marketing position “; with these words, the story begins with Din.

He adds that he did not go through the traditional onboarding process because, while working with Tarik, he learned a lot about the company. And the StorsenDigital community itself, he says, enabled him to work independently very quickly. After seven days of sourcing, he started doing his first interviews, which he fondly remembers.

“I never imagined myself doing this job in the past, but from the very beginning, I enjoyed communicating with the candidates. I will always be grateful to the StorsenDigital team for pulling me out of my comfort zone. Their support plays a huge role to why I’m already making my first steps towards management. “

We protect the interests of clients and candidates

As a resource broker, he constantly interacts with clients and candidates. StorsenDigital is the mediator between them in the whole process. This brings a lot of responsibility, which Din describes in words:

“On the one hand, we protect the interests of candidates and strive to hire them where their competencies will be valued. In the same way, we protect employers, our clients, by looking for the best candidates for them.”

Through simple communication and pleasing responsiveness, Din builds good relationships with clients. His qualities are a high degree of responsibility, good communication, and commitment. He emphasizes how important it is to understand that its “only people” on the other side with whom you need to talk to with ease and respect.

“Each side is here for the mutual benefit, and as long as that factor is there, it is only up to us to guide them in the right way. People are wrong when they say that brokers need to be extroverts who talk too much. I would disagree. I think the best quality a broker can have is the ability to listen and ask good questions. Both to clients and candidates.”

Personalized long-term relationships

He adds that recruitment itself is pretty similar to sales, and it is necessary to choose an approach that will make you stand out. The essential thing with working with clients and candidates, in his opinion, is building sustainable relationships.

“It’s important to understand that they’re not just a number in our database, but people we want to build long-term relationships with.”

At StorsenDigital, responsibilities are benefits. According to Din, all employees develop and grow together with the company. In addition, they work in a good atmosphere, in which knowledge is rewarded and encouraged.

“The collective and personal successes we have achieved here, we probably would not have succeeded in other bigger companies in such a short time. The most significant role is played by the fact that we are a healthy and non-toxic team. “

He sees himself in this company in the long run, and he would like to build his future in sales and account management. He is grateful that the CEO communicates with the employees daily, even though they are not in the same country.

According to him, this is often not the case with other companies. He is aware of the opportunity in StorsenDigital in terms of his career profiling, which is why he highly appreciates his job. He describes communication among employees with the words “we are all here for each other.”

“We support and encourage each other’s success and thus collaborate in the interests of the company.”

Work on yourself and learn.

As a young person living and working in Bosnia and Herzegovina, he remembers a time when, like most young people, he was thinking about leaving the country. However, based on his personal experience, he is convinced that the industry he works in is one of the critical factors preventing young people from leaving BiH.

“I like this hybrid way of working. We have more time, but also opportunities. Regardless of the different locations of the employees, we do not suffer from lack of communication. It feels like we are all in one place. Also, you can always go to the office if necessary,” Din points out.

In conclusion, he emphasizes the desire and space for improvement in StorsenDigital. He likes the fact that it not only leaves room for progress, but rather emphasis it. According to Din, the ratio of work and learning ration should be 70% to 30%, especially at the beginning of the career. And that is precisely the calculation for success, growth and competitiveness in the fast-changing market. In a time of new trends, rapid change, and dynamics, there is always room left to learn how to be the best. What is good today can be better tomorrow only if we know to use all possible resources.