Belma Popovčević first had to become a good psychologist to become an excellent resource broker. Today, this has helped her better understand the needs of candidates and clients in the recruitment process. This is a story about her and the necessary qualities in working with people.

“I graduated in psychology and enrolled in master’s studies. My final master’s thesis was on suicidal behavior. I wanted to deal with the most demanding topics. I later realized that my working life in this field would be a maximum of 10 years before I burn out,” said Belma.

So she decided to switch but keep the core values ​​of her profession. She was interested in what was attractive but also lucrative. She focused on human resources and started looking for a job in that field.

“I knew about StorsenDigital from before, so the opportunity to work there thrilled me. During my studies, I did various student jobs, guided by the fact that it is important to earn your own money.”

In addition, she worked as a coach, as a coach at the Rhythmic High School. After that, she did an internship in the bank’s human resources, and then she realized that was the direction she wanted to build.

The human approach is vital.

The fact that she completed her psychology studies significantly helped her in recruitment. She believes that is where her most excellent values ​​come from.

“At the faculty, we had subjects that deal with the selection and development of human resources, selection processes, interviews, and finding the right candidates. All this has become a tool for me in today’s work,” Belma said.

However, even though she is a psychologist, she adds that she can never fully assess the complete personality of a particular person. But that knowledge still helps her a lot.

“Human approach is key in this business—empathy for people and recognizing their needs. And there are almost no right criteria for recognizing the right person. Everything is a very individual matter,” Belma points out.

Given that he approaches LinkedIn candidates, she points out that she follows the characteristics of potentially successful people. She is guided by whether they are ready and flexible to work abroad and what kind of educational and professional past they have.

She is honest when she says that she used to have prejudices about whether men or women would be better for some positions. However, as he states, that is not the rule today. All candidates are a story unto themselves, and depending on their competencies, they are fit for the job or not.

“If people meet some basic criteria, I tend to give them opportunities because I think everyone deserves a chance. I try to approach them personally and avoid stiff communication. I address them with respect and look back on their information,” Belma said.

He adds that he analyzes human needs and problems and constantly tries to be there for people and give them the necessary information.

New challenges and work on yourself

She sees herself in StorsenDigital in the long run because she likes this company’s flexibility. Her interests are different, but the ultimate goal she has in mind is internal HR, dealing with human resources within the company.

“I am ready for new challenges, and I like to experiment. I like the working atmosphere of Storsen Digital and the fact that our CEO is very flexible. We have complete freedom of suggestion and work, which is a rarity and a privilege.”

She emphasizes that she is a great individual, but she also gets along well with his colleagues. And it is crucial for her that there are different opportunities to work in the company.

“We are all here for each other when needed. And we share a lot of knowledge with each other. So often, we are not even aware of it, but we essentially give a lot of training in various fields to each other,” says Belma.

Regardless of the candidate’s profile, she chooses kindness as the primary approach. Sometimes she does not get the same feedback from the candidate, but she tries to be patient because working with people requires patience.

“Persistence is also essential because we are in a market with big companies, and we have to fight for candidates. So we need to have persuasive skills to satisfy both candidates and clients,” Belma concludes.

Expanding horizons and possibilities

She adds that constant education is key to progress, especially in the field that StorsenDigital deals with. She considers working on herself very important because, in addition to the technical skills she needs, it is necessary to know more about the field she sours.

“It is important to develop soft skills to learn to approach people. In addition, good communication is important. For example, to know how to sell people, to know how to sell a company,” says Belma.

Precisely because of the nature of her work, she is convinced that there is a wide range of jobs that she can do in the future. And with each new position, he gives his maximum. First of all, to learn about it and find the perfect fit.

When it comes to young people in Bosnia and Herzegovina, she points out that she understands those who stayed and those who left.

“I’m fine here, and I’m not thinking actively about leaving. However, I believe young people need to broaden their horizons beyond being exclusive in either staying or leaving. There’s a lot more in between.”

In the end, she states that she feels only the location part of BiH, while world standards create her experiences for StorsenDigital. Therefore, as he concludes, he believes that young people in BiH can match those who live outside BiH. Provided they work for a company like this.