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Revolutionizing Nearshoring and Outsourcing

StorsenDigital is at the forefront of transforming the nearshoring and outsourcing landscape. Born from a vision to connect global businesses with the exceptional talent of the Western Balkans, we specialize in creating powerful outsourcing and nearshoring strategies. Our mission is rooted in empowering your business through strategic partnerships that not only fulfill your operational needs but also drive innovation and growth.

About Us

Our Commitment: ​

Our dedication lies in leveraging nearshoring and outsourcing as pivotal tools for business expansion and efficiency. By tapping into the rich talent pool of the Western Balkans, we offer a unique blend of quality, cost-effectiveness, and cultural alignment, making StorsenDigital your ideal partner for global business success.

Mission Statement

"Empowering Global Success through Strategic Nearshoring and Outsourcing"

At StorsenDigital, our mission is to revolutionize how businesses approach nearshoring and outsourcing. We are committed to empowering companies worldwide by connecting them with the rich talent and innovative solutions of the Western Balkans.

Our focus is on creating strong, sustainable partnerships that not only meet operational needs but also drive growth, efficiency, and innovation. We strive to make nearshoring and outsourcing not just a service, but a strategic asset for every business we partner with.

Vision Statement

"To Be the Leading Catalyst in Redefining Global Business through Nearshoring and Outsourcing Excellence"

Our vision at StorsenDigital is to become the foremost authority and facilitator in the nearshoring and outsourcing industry, especially in the Western Balkans. We aim to set new standards of excellence and innovation in the field, fostering a global business environment that is more efficient, interconnected, and prosperous.

Through our expertise and dedication, we aspire to transform the way businesses around the world leverage nearshoring and outsourcing, making it a cornerstone of success and growth in the modern economy.


Core Values of StorsenDigital:

1. Integrity

Upholding transparency and honesty in all our operations.

2. Quality Focus

Consistently exceeding expectations in service delivery.

3. Innovation

Embracing change to stay ahead in a dynamic market.

4. Client-Centricity:

Tailoring solutions to meet unique client needs.

5. Collaboration

Achieving success through teamwork and partnerships.

6. Diversity and Inclusion

Valuing diverse perspectives and fostering inclusivity.

The StorsenDigital Team

“Harmony in Diversity, Strength in Unity: The StorsenDigital Team Spirit”

At StorsenDigital, our team is the cornerstone of our success. Comprised of seasoned professionals from various backgrounds, our team brings a wealth of experience in nearshoring, outsourcing, and the intricacies of the Western Balkans market. Each member is handpicked for their expertise, innovative thinking, and commitment to delivering excellence.

Our team’s diversity is our strength, allowing us to approach challenges with unique perspectives and comprehensive solutions. We’re united by a shared passion for fostering global business connections and a deep commitment to our clients’ success. This synergy of skills and dedication ensures that Storsen Digital remains a leader in providing top-tier nearshoring and outsourcing solutions.


Chief Experience


In her role as the Chief Experience Officer (CXO) and Talent Leader, Azra is instrumental in shaping the future of talent acquisition and client relations at StorsenDigital.


Chief Executive


With over 20 years of experience in Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), Tarik, the CEO of StorsenDigital, brings a wealth of knowledge and strategic insight to the forefront of the company.


Head of Operations
& Delivery


Liubov, as the Head of HR Delivery & Operations for Europe at StorsenDigital, expertly manages the intricacies of human resources across the continent, ensuring operational excellence and strategic HR alignment.




Larisa, the Workforce Manager at StorsenDigital, skillfully orchestrates the deployment and management of talent, playing a crucial role in optimizing workforce efficiency and productivity.




Una, serving as the Marketing Director at StorsenDigital, masterfully leads the company's marketing strategies, blending creativity with data-driven approaches to amplify the brand's presence and impact.

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Understanding Client Needs

We begin by deeply understanding our clients' specific requirements to ensure tailored and effective nearshoring and outsourcing solutions.


Leveraging Regional Expertise

Utilizing our extensive knowledge of the Western Balkans, we connect clients with the region's top talent and resources.


Incorporating Cutting-edge Technology

We employ the latest technologies to enhance efficiency, innovation, and competitiveness in our service offerings.


Ensuring Continuous Adaptation and Growth

Our approach is dynamic, focusing on continuous adaptation to market changes and fostering

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StorsenDigital is a leading company that specializes in sourcing the best outsourcing talents in Europe. With the rise of remote work and digital transformation, skilled professionals are in high demand, and StorsenDigital is at the forefront of managing the supply and demand of these talents.
StorsenDigital is a leading company that specializes in sourcing the best outsourcing talents in Europe. With the rise of remote work and digital transformation, skilled professionals are in high demand, and StorsenDigital is at the forefront of managing the supply and demand of these talents.