Western Balkan / Nearshore location

By |September 12, 2021|

In today's tech-savvy world, business solutions often require a highly skilled workforce. Therefore, hiring in-house may seem like a reasonable option. However, if done by the book, outsourcing or nearshoring talent and services continues to be a much more sustainable business option. Considering the past experiences, you can nearshore your tech and business services support [...]

5 most common hiring mistakes & how to avoid them

By |July 7, 2021|

Hiring new employees is a complex process. Sourcing qualified candidates, conducting interviews, narrowing down the pool, and choosing the right person for the role can take up to several weeks. However, sometimes the candidate with a great resume passed interviews with flying colors and seemingly ticked every box, failed to hit targets, caused disruption [...]

5 job interview skills will get you hired

By |June 22, 2021|

No matter how many job interviews you have attended, they can still be a nerve-wracking experience. Even though most jobs do not require smooth-talking skills, getting through the interview often does. While you will likely be discussing your experience and technical skills during a job interview, your interviewing skills are what can help you get [...]

Case studies – RockON

By |May 9, 2021|

Rockon Digital Evolution AG is looking to extend its core team in Switzerland and establish a remote team of developers comprised of differing competencies and backgrounds. About the Client ROCKON Digital Evolution AG, a growing Fintech that is based in Zurich, offers tools and services for online [...]

Forming a support team of Microsoft Office 365 Specialists in Sarajevo

By |May 13, 2020|

NETWORG is a Prague-based company specialized in providing digital solutions connecting technology, users, professionals, and partners. They are mostly focused on Microsoft products that help companies and third-party users digitalize, eliminate routine activities, use time efficiently and centralize employee’s efforts in things that matter. NETWORG team is built around experts that handle [...]

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