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Case studies – RockON

By Published On: May 9, 2021

Rockon Digital Evolution AG is looking to extend its core team in Switzerland and establish a remote team of developers comprised of differing competencies and backgrounds.

About the Client

ROCKON Digital Evolution AG, a growing Fintech that is based in Zurich, offers tools and services for online customer identification, interaction, and legal document conclusion via a secure video streaming platform. This highly secure video service provides the possibility of document exchange and its conclusion to a legally binding state through the use of a Qualified Electronic Signature. Furthermore, with its Safe-Payment platform, CBFS offers a highly secure and automated solution for high-value, global financial transactions.
Understanding the Market
With its workforce of highly educated, highly skilled and highly motivated people, Bosnia is increasingly becoming the ultimate Business Services destination for Europe. Support for foreign languages, cultural proximity to Western Europe and the connectivity with the rest of Europe ensures that business opportunities are really quite limitless.
Setting up a Satellite Office in Sarajevo
To support the client with the implementation of their goal, StorsenDigital created, developed, and executed a series of business and economic-gain plans. These plans include the identification and provision of human resources, the setting up and equipping of a satellite office in downtown Sarajevo, the sourcing and interviewing some of the best talent available on the Bosnian market, the completion of back-office administration preparations, and the business onboarding.

A dedicated resource manager was present at all times to help guide the client through the entire process. Ultimately Storsen’s team of certified recruiters sourced 310 developers, matched the skills and expected seniority levels, contacted 245 candidates, and presented 31 to the hiring community. This thorough approach resulted in the forming of a dedicated and high performing team of frontend, backend, and mobile developers.