What is outsourcing?2022-09-22T12:18:30+02:00

Outsourcing is a business practice in which a company hires a third party to perform tasks, handle operations or provide services. The outside company, known as the service provider or a third-party provider, arranges for its workers or computer systems to perform on-site tasks or services at the hiring company’s facilities or external locations.

What are the areas of interest and activities of StorsenDigital?2022-09-22T12:22:35+02:00

Well, a lot of things. But the focus is on outsourcing and recruitment. This means that we hire candidates who will work in our agile and dynamic team on various projects that we provide to them. The second segment of the activity is recruitment, where we help companies find the right talents for positions in their companies. In addition, the expertise of our team continues in the field of market analysis and consulting in the field of business and employment.

Where can all candidates work from? Do you only hire in countries with a legal and legally established entity?2022-09-22T12:22:44+02:00

We try to be flexible as we can. Most of our job calls are for candidates from all around Europe. How candidates will work depends on the project you are applying for. Most of the clients we hire for or projects we allow full-time work from home. For some clients, it´s essential that you can come to the office from time to time. On the other hand, specific projects are location-related, in which case we only employ people from a particular city or state.

Where does StorsenDigital have the offices?2022-09-22T12:22:56+02:00

Our partners are present in Europe, but we have legal entities established in Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, and the USA. Our main office is in Prague, Czech Republic.


Based on chosen activity, for leasing the invoicing is happening on monthly basis, as for recruitment after the candidate accepts the offer. Invoicing country is Czechia for all rendered services.

People management2022-09-22T12:23:10+02:00

Depending on level of engagement, we can provide you either full-support from our side from hiring people on our payroll, either providing you a full-ownership after the hiring process is finished.

Working hours2022-09-22T12:23:16+02:00

Our working hours are from 9 A.M, to 6 P.M CET, Monday to Friday, but do not hesitate to contact us at any convinient time via email. Usually it is eight hours day excluding lunch breaks.

What is the minimum engagement period?2022-09-22T12:23:23+02:00

Minimum engagement period is usually with a duration of 12 months, but in some cases depending on the size of the project it can be shorten to 6 months. Lets discuss your vision and we will find you a tailor made solution.

Can I have a dedicated team?2022-09-22T12:23:30+02:00

Yes. Depending on the needs of your business, StorsenDigital can provide you with a fully-dedicated team, skilled based on your criterias. We will offer you assisted captive support services, where we can also take some level of ownership in the service delivery.

As a customer, can I meet my staff before hiring them?2022-09-22T12:23:35+02:00

Of course. Even though our candidates has passed our screening procedure, we will set-up a meeting with any candidate or team of desire. You can resort for try and buy service too.

How do we find talents?2022-09-22T12:23:43+02:00

Starting with our database with more than 50 000 profiles based manly in EU and Western Balkans, the other channels are professional social platforms, our partners network and ofcourse through marketing advertisements.
We also have referral program which we will open for externals too. Whenever you want to refer someone for a job – let us know.

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