From Tennis Courts to Corporate Leadership: Azur Mujezinović’s Inspiring Story at Waterdrop

In this edition of “Behind the Success,” we delve deep into the remarkable journey of Azur Mujezinović, the General Manager for Waterdrop in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Success stories often showcase only one facet, but in BTS, we aim to uncover everything that lies beneath the surface. Azur’s career path is nothing short of inspiring, and he generously shares his experiences that have paved the way to his current role.

Introduction: A Journey of Ambition and Achievement

Azur Mujezinović, a 24-year-old Sarajevo native, embarked on a remarkable journey that ultimately brought him to the helm of Waterdrop in Bosnia and Herzegovina. His early years were marked by a passion for tennis, which he pursued semi-professionally. Azur excelled in youth and junior tournaments, even competing internationally, which eventually earned him a tennis scholarship at Lindenwood University in St. Louis, Missouri, USA. Over the course of three years, he not only earned his Bachelor’s degree in Business Management but also honed his tennis skills thanks to the scholarship.

Following his stint in the US, Azur returned to Sarajevo, where he briefly explored other career opportunities before landing a job at a fintech company specializing in online payments. He dedicated a little over two years to this role before transitioning to his current position as the General Manager for Waterdrop in Sarajevo, with responsibilities extending to the entire country.

The Waterdrop Connection: Sport and Sustainability

Azur had pre-existing relationships with individuals associated with the Waterdrop team, making the transition a natural fit. Waterdrop, since its inception, has been driven by the vision of its founders, to help people adopt healthier habits, primarily by encouraging increased water consumption. The company is deeply committed to sustainability, actively striving to eliminate plastic from the beverage industry, one of the leading sources of environmental pollution.

Moreover, Waterdrop is heavily involved in sports, supporting events, ambassadors, and initiatives. Azur’s shared passion for tennis and other common interests solidified his connection with the Waterdrop team. What began as a shared interest in tennis transformed into a successful business collaboration. When the decision was made to expand Waterdrop’s presence into the Adriatic region, encompassing countries from Slovenia to Greece, Azur’s natural affiliation with Bosnia and Herzegovina was a clear choice. Each country within the region has a local team of individuals like Azur, working to advance the Waterdrop mission.

Waterdrop’s Vision and Goals in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Waterdrop’s vision in Bosnia and Herzegovina closely mirrors its vision in other countries. Waterdrop embarked on its journey in 2017 and is now present in numerous countries worldwide, including the USA, Japan, and Singapore. The company aims to enhance hydration habits by infusing water with subtle, natural flavors, offering a healthier alternative to sugary drinks. Simultaneously, Waterdrop is dedicated to reducing plastic waste and promoting eco-sustainability. Their innovative products, including bottles and accessories, facilitate the reduction of single-use plastic consumption, making it easier for people to make eco-conscious choices.

Supporting Local Communities and Economy

While Waterdrop is in the process of entering the Bosnian market, they are already dedicated to supporting local communities and the economy. This support will involve continuous education for their members and the community, focusing on sustainable practices and the consumption of Waterdrop products.

In addition, Waterdrop actively sponsors and partners with various sporting events. They have been the official sponsor of the ATP and a rotational partner for the ATP Banja Luka tournament, showing their commitment to the sports community in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Azur Mujezinović highlights the importance of their engagement in sports events and projects that promote sustainability and overall well-being.

Staying in Bosnia and Herzegovina: A Message to Aspiring Professionals

Azur Mujezinović’s return to Bosnia and Herzegovina is a testament to his commitment to his homeland. Despite acknowledging the country’s challenges, he firmly believes that good living, success, and fulfillment are achievable in Bosnia and Herzegovina. He views his role in Waterdrop as a significant project, not just for himself but for the community and the nation. He is determined to contribute to the growth and development of his homeland.

As a young and successful professional in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Azur’s story is an inspiration for aspiring individuals who are contemplating their career paths. His return signifies the potential for professional success and fulfillment within the country, and he encourages young talents to explore opportunities and make a positive impact within Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Azur Mujezinović’s journey is a testament to the possibilities within the Balkans, proving that talent and ambition can thrive in this region, ultimately making a significant impact on the world. Waterdrop, under his leadership, is poised to become a global leader in hydration, with Bosnia and Herzegovina playing a crucial role in that journey.

Published: November 21, 2023

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StorsenDigital is a leading company that specializes in sourcing the best outsourcing talents in Europe. With the rise of remote work and digital transformation, skilled professionals are in high demand, and StorsenDigital is at the forefront of managing the supply and demand of these talents.