Go big or go home

“Go big or go home,” in the case of Azra Zahirović, means just that. Be the best, bite to the maximum, and do your best. That is why she managed to progress in a brief period at StorsenDigital. She started as a talent acquisition specialist and today holds the CXO and Talent Acquisition Leader position. All thanks to her work, effort, and enormous energy, which she brought into this interview.

“Behind me is a great and rich work experience. I worked in various volunteer positions even before becoming an adult. And then, more concrete engagements followed. Every experience has shaped me and given me knowledge of everything I do today,” Azra begins.

Gold badge and milestone

She graduated in international relations and diplomacy in Sarajevo. And crowned her achievements in formal education by becoming the winner of the highest recognition of the University of Sarajevo – the Golden Badge. Then, she continued her studies with a master’s degree in management at the Faculty of Economics in Sarajevo. Azra has been a volunteer and scholarship holder of the Hastor Foundation for many years.

She worked as the local coordinator of the Association for the Prevention of Addiction NARKO-NE. Then as a project assistant in the NGO BRAVO (Bosnian Representative Association for Valuable Opportunities) and then followed the opportunity to do an internship at ABSL Bosnia and Herzegovina. It was also a turning point for meeting the CEO of Storsen Digital, Tarik Altumbabić.

“At the conference, we exchanged ideas and realized that we have many visions, but also opportunities to work. I liked that Tarik is a man who is not afraid of ambition, but on the contrary, fully nurtures and supports it “, Azra points out.

There is no classical hierarchy.

Due to her great desire, perseverance, and dedication to her work, she achieved significant results very quickly. And she describes working at StorsenDigital as very compatible with her personality.

“I love the flexibility of the workplace because I am a person that cannot be in one place. Therefore, I love that work is on a laptop, a laptop in a bag, and a bag and a passport are always ready for new challenges.”

In addition, what she considers an advantage in StorsenDigital is that there is no classical hierarchy. All ideas are welcome and supported. That is why she organized herself very quickly, turned her apartment into an office, and dedicated herself to work in the best possible way.

“I am a very self-disciplined person, who likes to organize time for himself. I get up in the morning and get ready for work, no matter that I work from home. I know that even the most minor details contribute to the quality of work, and that is why I am dedicated to them “, states Azra.

Given that she is in a position that requires a commitment to clients and candidates, we wondered what the main qualities needed for this job are. She replied with the words:

“It is necessary to listen but to listen truly. So many people don’t listen; they wait their turn to say something. In addition, you need to work on yourself. Day by day, I try to be better than yesterday, and tomorrow I expect to be better than today. I am a visionary, and I am driven by ambition.”

Every crisis is an opportunity.

It is through the ambition that drives her and StorsenDigital itself that we came to her long-term vision of herself in business terms. She pointed out that she is not falsely modest but aware of opportunities and possibilities. That is why her ultimate goal is the CEO position, which, as she states, requires time and effort.

Her current position focuses on communication, which she likes the most. The place aligns with her dynamism, communication, and commitment to problem-solving.

And the problems for Azra are not an obstacle but rather an opportunity for development. Commenting on the current world situation, she states:

“This is something we have not encountered at the moment. However, on the other hand, every crisis is an opportunity, and it is possible to get the most out of it. Offer people jobs, not necessarily in the place they come from. But we can give them a chance for a better future. ”

As a young person in BiH, Azra is also very aware of the current socio-economic picture of her country. She states that young people currently usually do not have good salaries and conditions for everyday life and work in BiH. She is convinced that there is a more comprehensive, more beautiful picture to which she belongs.

“Every job I did in BiH allowed me a lot. From acquaintances, travel, networking, earnings. At StorsenDigital, I feel like I am part of a developing company. I give my best and watch the story unfold. It’s a beautiful feeling. ”

With people like Azra, StorsenDigital is in safe hands, which every day spreads its momentum to even larger ambitious spaces.

Published On: March 11, 2022

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