“I fell in love with Storsen Digital even before I got a chance to become a part of it. You can hear a good voice far away, which won me over. And through work and effort, I hope that I will stay here ” that is how Belma Selimović begins the story about her work experience with Storsen Digital.

She recently started working as a resource broker at Storsen Digital, and her path has been full of challenges and changes.
She studied in Sarajevo at the Faculty of Political Sciences, Department of Communication Studies. After completing her bachelor’s degree, she enrolled in a master’s degree. She also had plans to leave the country, but things went differently.

“My first job had nothing to do with recruitment or my profession. It was a summer job in a dental office. That lasted for half a year. I learned a lot about relationships with people, but also about responsibility.”

Learning about work in Storsen

However, there was no interest in continuing in that area. Belma got a job at a Canadian non-profit organization.

“I worked for almost two years, facing various forms of over-control. As a result, people were constantly changing and getting fired. I realized how to work when I came to Storsen Digital. “Belma is honest.

Recruiting to her began to appear more and more often on ads on LinkedIn. Gradually, she became more interested in this particular area.

“The ads were different, dynamic. Storsen Digital has appeared in the sea of monotonous announcements, mostly like the employment system from 20 years ago. The little things they pay attention to decided in the decision to apply for the first ad.”

Mutual trust in Storsen Digital

She believes that employment in Storsen was destiny because she has always dreamed of becoming a part of such a story. She is already getting acquainted with various tools and creating her path.

“My main task is to find the best people for certain positions. Then, following the job description, I try to find the best candidates. What I especially like about a job like this is that you get one routine over time, and we always get some feedback.”

The process of finding candidates is different each day. That is why it is always dynamic. Aware of the need for multitasking, she points out the main characteristics of a good resource broker.

“First of all, there must be interest in that. You spend most of your time researching. In addition, curiosity is needed, but also organization, because, at one point, you have 100 candidates. It is necessary to enter them in the database, compare, but also assess whether they are adequate for the given positions “, Belma points out.

Aware of the vision of Storsen itself, she points out that in the long run, she sees herself right here because the possibilities are enormous. She states that the outsourcing industry is booming, which opens many doors in BiH and Europe, where they operate.

“Maybe in a couple of years I’ll decide to move to another country where Storsen works. It is a privilege to know that there is a possibility. Besides, it’s nice to work from home. That speaks volumes about the trust that our CEO, Tarik, has had in us since day one.”

Trust is mutual because, as she states, everyone learns about each other and from each other. And the experience and knowledge that Tarik has is a treasure from which they draw everything they need.

“You can work from home; or work from the office. You can work from the moon if you want, but it is essential to get the job done “, Belma points out, as an advantage of this way of doing business.

Investing in young staff

Storsen Digital is primarily made up of young, creative, and capable people, which is not often the case when it comes to giving opportunities to young people. Belma states that she feels abandoned in her own country because the needs of young people are insufficiently recognized. In addition, there are fewer and fewer real opportunities.

“I believe that the employer is doing the right thing by investing in young staff. He trains us and directs us to the recruitment he needs. In my opinion, that is much better than retraining an already formed person.”

Behind every successful company are successful people. And they could not be successful without the right and adequate guidance from their superiors. That is why this story is proof that regardless of profession, age and knowledge, everyone can work on themselves. And that is the most significant investment.