Discipline, ambition, commitment. These would be the keywords for describing Haris Džaferović, a talent source at StorsenDigital. Although he is still building his initial steps in this company, what sets him apart is his determination to progress, learn, and develop as an individual and a significant part of the team. This is what he learned while playing sports from the age of ten. We find out in the upcoming interview how much sport has shaped him and whether he sees similarities between sports and business discipline.

“After high school, I started studying law, cultivating the hope that I would focus on that in the future. However, after two years of study, a business opportunity occurred, due to which my faculty and professional life began to clash. That’s when I decided to freeze my studies,” says Haris.

His first job was on a foreign diplomatic mission in Sarajevo. As a result, he gained insight into diplomatic relations, which he became interested in, and decided to focus his further education at the Faculty of Political Sciences in Sarajevo. After completing his studies in Political Science, he continued with his Master’s degree in Communication Studies at the already mentioned faculty.

“During my studies, I worked in various jobs where I gained many skills that laid a good foundation for acquiring work ethic and doing later jobs, such as working in the civil service and various NGOs. Also, I trained in areas that interest me, such as graphic design and communications, and what is most important – for the job I am currently doing.

There is no success without teamwork

Haris has been in martial arts since he was ten. He holds two black belts in two different martial arts, which has given him a reasonable basis for overcoming many obstacles, both in life and professionally.

“In martial arts, when it comes to concretization, there is a great emphasis on individuality since you are directly responsible for your successes and mistakes. But to achieve results, there is always a team behind the individual, which means that there is no success without teamwork. ”

His interests turned to HR management. He had a sure touch in that spectrum of business through various jobs, and then StorsenDigital happened. He decided to give it a try and is happy to have managed to become part of this team.

“I intend to develop into StorsenDigital. I am convinced that this is a great story, and it is my pleasure to be part of an exceptional team of young, progressive people, led by a person with vision and great experience, which is the main recipe for success.”

This business’s interaction with people is widespread, and Haris has always loved just that. Man is a social being, so he tries to approach friendly candidates and later clients with whom he conducts interviews.

“People react positively to such an approach. I like open communication and positive energy, which I want to convey to the interlocutor. In their work, the rest of the team gives me great support, and we are always available to each other, both in business and in private life. ”

It is necessary to give more opportunities to young people

Haris points out that he is very self-disciplined and organized, especially when you have a remote work position. But, at the same time, he skillfully balances the organization of the day with all the additional obligations, such as training and courses. As he says: “If you think you understand everything, then you are certainly misinformed,” he points out that education and willingness to work on yourself are crucial in this job.

As a young person in BiH, he is aware of his peers’ challenges. Therefore, he states that it is necessary to start specific employment mechanisms.

“It is necessary to give more opportunities to young people and use their potential in the best possible way. StorsenDigital is a great example of this, as it provides many with opportunities for employment, business and individual profiling, and career advancement.”

Despite all the challenges this country poses to young people, Haris concludes that colleagues on his team and the CEO himself are progressive people eager for knowledge, development, and learning. And as such will undoubtedly be part of significant changes in the future.