Mind your own business and be the best at it!

“There are two types of people: those who know how to do something and those who know how to talk about it. To become an expert, one needs a solid education apprenticeship to gain experience and enthusiasm. Passion for my work is carved in my DNA”, says Tarik Altumbabić, CEO of StorsenDigital, an business services / global outsourcing company.

And before a million questions start popping up in your head about business services and outsourcing, its business values, customers, best practices, and who does it overall, let us say the following. People make the difference, and the story that Tarik tells is one of those that explains success.

All roads lead to the Czech Republic

As a child of war, educated in electrical engineering, he had no idea where life would take him.

“Speaking English in the early nineties meant that one could have a great job, so I went for it. From 1997 till 2002, all work he did was related to language translation and localization services, mainly with the UNDPKO and UNICTY. And then, just before the end of his career in The Hague, a hint happened, which Tarik will remember years later.

“A professor from Novi Sad mentioned jobs in the Czech Republic. I had no idea that I would end up there later. After finishing my career in BiH, I realized that there is nothing tangible behind me. Nothing I can look back on and say I did.”

Then the Czech Republic came again and reappeared working for IBM Global Business Delivery Center. Again, he was offered a base wage and the maximum risk of reallocating to a foreign country. The funny thing was that his misses also got a job, higher salary too after speaking about Bosnia cuisine, says Tarik with a laugh.

No longer a job, but a life

A period of habituation, learning, and work ensued, especially when you come from Bosnia and Herzegovina, where people are taught to work for three months and then fear for their existence.

“We are raised to be competitive, and with that in mind, it is quite an embarrassment not to know something. It is also quite embarrassing to ask, inquire, not to know. However, in the Czech Republic, with whom we share many similarities, it is quite the opposite. It’s quite inappropriate here not to ask or inquire, not to get involved and not to look up for yourself “, he points out.

From starting positions, through hiring over a thousand people, to today. Tarik was guided by one thought.

“It’s not just a job anymore, it’s a lifestyle.”

The outsourcing industry has developed rapidly and dynamically since the beginning of 1996. That is precisely what Tarik was looking for. That there is no routine and that changes are daily.

“This industry provides opportunities to thrive and create your own business. I have never been in a situation where someone needs to tell me what I have to do. And I don’t think it’s smart at all to talk to anyone about what they are going to do. Let people do what they do best.”

This is precisely what he did, attracting young, ambitious, and multi-skilled profiled people worldwide. He applied outsourcing to all fields that could be applied, guided by one principle. “Mind your own business.” Of course, you cannot be the best at everything, but what you are, push to the end.

Your career – your problem

Today, he values his employees’ desire for growth and development. Moreover, he listens carefully to what their next career point is. And then checks if it fits with StorsenDigital’s vision. As a result, clients believe in their work and share their values. They have covered the whole of Europe and the Americas market, and appetites continue to grow.

“We are technology people and location business. As for the talents themselves, they are all hand-picked. I do not do staff hoarding; every employee came through recommendations. Thus, I want to continue. To develop the culture of the company together. “Let everyone be part of the story with comfort,” states Tarik.

Aware of the domino effect in business and life, he pays great attention to building relationships. So he manages to stay on good terms with clients even when business changes.

Comparing two countries, two systems, but also two times and ways of doing business, Tarik points out:

“Two things are important. First, every one of us is responsible for our life and most certainly responsible for our careers. You can be whatever you want. Nevertheless, three things must work. First, there is a sense of purpose, passion for what you do, and an action list in good share and form. What is the purpose of your business? Do you like it or not? And then action, because these two things do not have meaning without a clear plan.”

That is precisely what StorsenDigital employees recognize. Aware that the most incredible privilege, and at the same time the responsibility, is to be free to do what you love. Under the condition that you are as well as possible. There are few tangible results in a society where everyone is an expert on everything. There is much room for improvement in a system where one certainly knows what one is best at. And then you are your own biggest competition.

Published On: January 31, 2022

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