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StorsenDigital provides support and maintenance services for systems in production. Clients in need of our support services gain access to experts with first-hand knowledge of their systems and benefit from increased reliability of business-critical applications and guaranteed prompt reaction time. Adopting managed services is intended to be an efficient way to stay up-to-date on technology, have access to skills and address issues related to cost, quality of service and risk.

You have much to consider when making big business decisions, such as outsourcing IT services. You must ensure the security and privacy of your business assets and data and maintain smooth business operations. You also have to consider costs saving and long-term benefits.

StorsenDigital allows you to reap all the rewards of IT outsourcing and neutralize the risks and challenges you may encounter.

Lower operating costs for better quality

In addition to salaries, bonuses, office space, and all the other necessary overheads, an in-house IT support team would require purchasing and updating all needed hardware and software. This is more expenditure for your business that is often transferred to your product or service pricing, making you less competitive in your industry.

StorsenDigital enables your company to enjoy the benefits of an entire IT team without the overhead costs and demands on management. This lowered cost of operation means you can offer competitive prices to your customers and increase your competitive advantage.

Greater Range of Expertise

Outsourcing IT services brings a wide range of expertise and experience to work for you — at a fraction of the cost of running an internal team. The employees of StorsenDigital have worked with countless companies and different system architectures and designs and have met different business needs and requirements across varying industries and regions.

Flexibility and adaptability

Your company’s IT needs change as your operation grows and you serve more customers. Your IT team and infrastructure must scale quickly to meet this new demand. Usually, this may mean hiring more in-house experts, getting your team to learn new technologies, purchasing more hardware and software licenses, and restructuring your system.

When your IT needs drop, you have multiple employees and tools that bite into your company funds. This makes running an in-house IT team inflexible, hard to scale, and not cost-effective for many businesses.

StorsenDigital allows your company to scale up and down quickly as your needs change. You pay for what you need when you need it. – often with a fixed cost

Improved Business Focus

Outsourcing your IT support frees up weekly time for you to focus on other crucial matters for your business. Also, when experts oversee your company’s IT, your concerns and needs for supervision are reduced to a great extent. This gives you peace of mind and more mental space to focus on what only you can handle.

More Capital Funds

Choosing StorsenDigital helps you save costs without compromising quality. This makes more funds available for your company, which you can apply freely in the most high-impact, revenue-generating areas. With a lower IT cost and excellent service, you can free up space in your budget while benefiting from top-notch IT.

Keeping up With Compliance and Security

Working with an outsourcing company keeps you up to date on regulations, upgrades your system to the latest security infrastructure fast and ensures compliance every time. StorsenDigital is at the forefront of the industry. We can update your system to withstand the latest security threats, complying with new laws and regulations that your internal team may miss.

Executing the operational procurement services for Stihl according to the process handbook provided by the customer.
The performance of the Managed service comprises the following services:

  • Execution of operational purchasing activities (“Procurement”) including:
    • Creation of new SAP orders
    • Processing order confirmations in SAP
    • Clarify and solve questions from suppliers or FEV  employees relating to indirect procurement
    • Maintain data sets and order book
    • Handle returns and complaints
    • Maintain SAP catalogue data
    • Supporting indirect procurement team as required in similar requests
  • Regular reporting on the services provided by StorsenDigital for customers  – in a format agreed upon between StorsenDigital and the customer
  • Other activities as agreed upon in joint review meetings between the contracting parties.

Gain More By Outsourcing Your Call Center Services

Make every contact matter!

GoCloud’s management is headquartered in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Novi Sad, Serbia, and has a deep grasp of the local and global call center and telecommunication ecosystems, as well as extensive operational expertise to help your business grow.

GoCloud has been offering high-quality omnichannel and multilingual customer support and outbound call center services to B2C and B2B clients from a wide range of industries and sizes for more than seven years.

Customized solutions
Your customer service volume, protocols, and complexity will be assessed by GoCloud in order to assemble a team with the proper expertise to meet your needs.

Adaptable workforce
Even though we are pioneers of virtual customer support and most of our employees work from home, we are able to meet the needs of our clients by providing on-site call center solutions as well as cutting-edge hybrid call center models.

Data protection
Confidentiality and data protection are our highest priorities and have been effectively implemented for years. GoCloud is ISO 9001 and 27001 certified and GDPR-compliant.

Your needs
Outsourcing is a not a simple choice. We will do everything in our power to demonstrate that you made the right decision by giving us the trust to take care of your customers

Workforce at your fingertips
Outsourcing your call center services means gaining access to skillsets outside your physical geographic location or reach. Agents that can help you overcome language and time zone barriers are ready and waiting for your call at any time of day or night.

Save time & money
Hiring an in-house team can be expensive and time-consuming. We help you handle the training, onboarding, and management of your outsourced agents, plus continuously help you optimize your outcomes and provide consultancy on ways to improve your customer experience, all at a fraction of the price of internal staffing.

Outstanding peak performance
GoCloud can help you scale up or down thanks to our network of verified agents, a constant market presence and trusted partners. We make it easy to get the agents you need for the tasks you deal with, with the opportunity to pivot when your business requires it. Short shifts, split shifts, and short-term resource increases or decreases are achievable in a virtual call center. Resources can be increased without the requirement to expand or develop new infrastructure.

Gain more
We have extensive call center management expertise and knowledge with an emphasis on providing improved operational performance and a superior customer experience.​

With global pandemic of Covid16 affected business on various ways.
More and more companies were forced to enable remote work for their employees. Some professions were unthinkable to work remotely, such as accounting. Although even before Covid19, all large companies experienced digital transformation but during the pandemic it was clear that financial tasks can be done remotely with great proficiency.
In 2021. Our team started providing different financial services for our clients in Europe, mostly on French language. Our team member, Tina Čengić, explained that language or location is not a barrier and outsourcing of talents and service from Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as other Balkan counties, becoming regular.
Tina is having more than 15 years of experience in accounting, and she was working on different ways: from manual accounting to a completely digital way of working.
She pointed out that work has never been done more efficiently than now when people have complete freedom to choose the place and time of work.

StorsenDigital offers its employees exactly that freedom, but also much more than that.
“The client for whom I have been working for more than a year is located in Switzerland in the French-speaking area, and for them this was the first time to outsource accountant in this way. After that pilot project, the client chose Storsendigital as the main workforce provider, and so our work adventure continued, and soon the number of employees grew from 1 to 5 in just 3 months.”

  • In financial area, StorsenDigital team can provide these services on English, German and French language:
  • classic accounting and supplier invoices
  • payment preparations
  • financial reports and analyses
  • vendor matching