Pascal B.

COE Finance / business finance

The global Covid19 pandemic affected businesses in many different ways.

Many, if not all, enterprises were pushed to resort to remote working to stay afloat. Indeed, remote working or business collocations is not a new trend since it has been with us for over two decades. Certain professions were finding it unthinkable to work remotely, such as accounting, IT, and similar business services. Today Covid19 empowered digital transformation on a massive scale without disruptions and at the benefit of continuity and cost optimization.

Since 2021 we have been offering and delivering many financial services for our clients in Europe, mainly in French. Mrs. Tina Cengic, our service lead, explained that language or location is not a barrier and outsourcing talents and services from Bosnia, Herzegovina, and Western Balkan is quite normal today.

Tina has nearly two decades of professional experience in accounting, both tactical and strategic. This is was our service portfolio is about today.

We offer our customers excellent services at standard costs with no complicated contract of hidden fees.

As for the services, StorsenDigital teams provide value add with English, German and French languages across:

  • classic accounting and supplier invoices
  • payment preparations
  • financial reports and analyses
  • vendor matching
  • General ledger,
  • Master data and expense management
  • Business Accounting

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