Hedija J.

COE Procurement

Procurement as a service

Procurement service is identifying, shortlisting, selecting, and acquiring suitable goods or services or works from a third-party vendor through a direct purchase, competitive bidding, or tendering process while ensuring timely delivery of the right quality and quantity.

The most common division of activity is operative, tactical and strategic procurement. The strategic part is the fun part, finding the best solution for your needs tactically and seamlessly.

StorsenDigital procurement delivery center in Sarajevo

Transitioning to remote work for all business departments is challenging for all companies. In December 2020, we started a fully remote procurement service from Sarajevo for our German clients. It was new for us, but within a few months, we organized a stable structure and process, so our delivery center increased from 1 to 8 persons in a year.

The teams, vendors, and customers are all experiencing a change in remote operations today is a new normal. As a procurement leader and team member, it’s critical to ensure people stay safe, empowered, and stress-free as operational processes shift across the board.

Service portfolio

For our international clients, we provide different types of procurement activities, and our service portfolio is extensive:

  • Market research and analyses,
  • Spotting potential suppliers and negotiations,
  • Framework agreements,
  • Creating an approved list of vendors,
  • Cooperation with the sales and production department,
  • Standardized tasks in SAP HANA, RFP, and RFQ,
  • Requesting proposals and evaluating quotations,
  • Developing and managing contracts,
  • Obtaining invoice approvals and fulfilling payment terms,
  • Establishing a good supplier relationship,
  • Specialized procurement activities based on department: IT, administration, automotive, transportation and mobility, professional services, facility.

Industries and languages

Our team is very open to a new challenge, and they have various private and public procurement experience that ensures an excellent early adoption of any new client.

Industries we have the most experience with Automotive, IT, Food industry

We render services in foreign languages, from local BCS to German and English as our company language. Our team mainly focuses on German and English, performing all the activities in that language.

Let’s talk about your long-term plans and objectives. We are ready to offer you our expert support.