To succeed, you need to get out of your comfort zone.

“I never like to start something I don’t want to be in. That’s why I knew from the start that I saw my future in StorsenDigital. I would not change this job for nothing “with these words, Larisa Pejić describes her working experience in StorsenDigital. She is a workforce manager at this company, and the path to building her career looked like that.

After finishing primary and secondary school in Novi Travnik, she enrolled at the Faculty of Philosophy in Sarajevo. For personal reasons, she did not continue her studies and began to gain work experience.

“I’ve been working since I finished high school. That is why today, I have almost nine years of work experience. Throughout high school, Lara worked in NGOs and as a volunteer. I’ve always had contact with people from which I learned a lot. ”

It is important who is behind the company.

She started working for Grawe Insurance in 2018, learning how to lead teams of people. Two years later, a coronavirus pandemic ensued. She realized that she had reached a specific limit and that certain things did not suit her. Sourcing and recruiting were familiar to her because she had done a very similar job before despite the different name of the position itself.

“I conducted physical interviews with potential associates, so I had experience. I just needed someone to show me. I watched who was behind the company and what that person did from the start. What is the company’s goal and what it wants to achieve “says Larisa about joining StorsenDigital.

She was also interested in the flow of people’s behavior, communication among employees, and external pressure. She is aware that everyone has internal pressure, but to achieve goals and deal with it.

She describes his work experience at StorsenDigital in the following words:

“We all have tasks, but the atmosphere is relaxed. We are all here to build ourselves in the best possible form. To build our careers, make a name for ourselves and the company. In addition, the focus is on ensuring that clients and candidates are satisfied.”

I never start something I don’t want to be in

She started working as a source, looking for candidates. Gradually, she began recruiting, and today she is already reaching managerial opportunities. She is a self-disciplined and organized person who emphasizes that the main goal is to gain the client’s trust.

“We all have problems in life, and everyone deals with it differently, but the client should not feel it. I see my future here. I never like to start something I don’t want to be in. StorsenDigital is an excellent company that is yet to develop. He has many projects in the pipeline. We can all find our plan, but also a goal where we can build.”

Shortly, she wishes to have the opportunity to work on projects outside of Europe. Finally, she points out that one of the most excellent aspects of the remote mode itself is trying harder to prove it.

“When you work from home, you have a lot more time and a lot more responsibility. I like to have a responsibility, and there is no need for my superior to tell me what to do. So I consciously organize my time and complete tasks on time “, states Larisa.

Storsen, she adds, is refreshing in every way. CEO Tarik Altumbabić is also a Bosnian, so he knows the socio-economic situation in BiH best. However, as he points out, he remained a simple, humble, and kind man.

Time to broaden your horizons

Bosnia and Herzegovina, on the other hand, is full of problems that need to be addressed. And according to Lara, young people have many wishes ideas, but unfortunately also obstacles.

“Everyone has other reasons, but what prevents us the most is the lack of options in the country. We are still guided by the need to be doctors, engineers, and economists. We need to get out of the circle we have lived in for the last 30 years. And finally, expand our horizons,” she said.

She believes that labeling has no point and that everyone can be anything they want. School can offer direction but not be the only direction. In the end, he says that if someone is eager for knowledge and work on himself, StorsenDigital is an ideal opportunity.

“No limit. It doesn’t look at who you are or what you are, but what and how you work. Every part done is appreciated. Our CEO has open access to us. He shows us where he sees us, but he also lets us develop on our own.”

According to Lara, these are the critical trump cards of this company, which will boldly continue the path of success at her own pace.

Published On: February 16, 2022

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