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What is a full stack web developer and why should you recruit your next one from Bulgaria?

Imagine that you’re going to attend a classical music concert. You’re there to listen to and experience all the melodies and harmonies that come together beautifully as one complete whole. But we all know that the concert’s presentation to an audience is just one part of the journey. There is a lot of preparation that goes on behind the scenes. Usually, the orchestra conductor, who may be skilled in different musical instruments, helps to coordinate both the individual instrument’s performance by a player and the final result – the performance.

Why are we talking about musical concerts in an article about full stack web developers? The answer is simple. Much like an orchestra conductor that oversees the behind-the-scenes preparation as well as the final performance, so too does a full stack web developer work on the behind-the-scenes aspects of software development in addition to the final presentation of a website product which is visually pleasing, intuitive, user-friendly, and performs all the functions it’s supposed to do. All this comes together as a cohesive whole when a website’s front and back ends are developed by the same person. This person is a full stack web developer. 

But what is the size and scope of the global full stack developer industry, what does a full stack developer actually do and need to know, and why should you hire your next full stack developer from Bulgaria? We explore the answers to these questions in more detail below. 

A brief snapshot of the full stack web development industry

A recent survey conducted by Stack Overflow in 2020 indicated looked at a whopping 65,000 developers worldwide. What’s interesting to note from this survey’s findings is that over 50% or around 54.9% identified as full stack developers. What’s more is that the demand for these developers is expected to grow drastically from 2019 to 2028, as many companies require a skilled professional who is adept at both front and back end parts of web development. 

However, there is a current shortfall of full stack web developers globally and this is not only anticipated to drive more demand for their services, but also lead to talent battles, ultimately leading to giving full stack web professionals more opportunities for growth as well as more options and choices as to who their next employer will be.  

What goes into full stack web development?

As alluded to above, full stack web development is a comprehensive process that looks at both the client or user interface of a website but also the server side simultaneously. On the client-facing side, this is all the pages of a website that a client will see. It also involves the color schemes, content, buttons, design elements, forms, login buttons, purchase buttons to add to a shopping cart, and basically everything that a website user sees on their side. On the back end side of things, the full stack web developer also oversees that everything on the server side works optimally and as it should. 

For example, say that your website requires a customer to fill out a form. The form and the boxes that they have to fill in are what the client or user will see. However, once that form has been submitted, the information will go to the back end (the part that the customer doesn’t see) and will be processed accordingly. 

As a result, full stack web developers are considered a master of all trades when it comes to software development and it is no wonder that they’re in such high demand.

But what does a full stack web developer need to know and what skills do they need to possess in order to be successful at delivering a quality project? Let’s explore the answers to these questions below.

  • Front end

Starting from the front end of website development, a full stack web developer must be well acquainted with some of the following programming languages, code styles, and other types of software: HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, W3.CSS, JavaScript, ES5, HTML DOM, JSON, XML, jQuery, Angular, React, Backbone.js, Ember.js, Redux, Storybook, GraphQL, Meteor.js, Grunt, and Gulp.

  • Back end

On the back end of web development, such a developer will also need to have strong knowledge of software and programming languages including: PHP, ASP, C++, C#, Java, Python, Node.js, Express.js, Ruby, REST, Go, SQL, MongoDB, Sass, Less,,, and PaaS (Azure and Heroku).

  • Required skills

But that’s not where it ends because a full stack web developer will also need to have strong knowledge of various databases in order to organize large data sets and ensure effective problem solving and project management. Some of the most popular databases include: SQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL, and MongoDB. 

Because a full stack web developer will perform functions that include working with a website from start to launch; prototyping, creating, and building websites along with user interface teams; designing user interactions through robust front end architecture; managing database and server administration duties; and communicating with end-users to determine product effectiveness, among others, they will also need to have interpersonal, problem-solving, and organizational skills to see a project through from start to finish. 

As a result, a good full stack web developer will not only be familiar with the programming languages and software mentioned above. They will also need to possess and demonstrate interpersonal skills such as: business logic, project management, multitasking, as well as be agile and independent.

Why should you hire your next full stack web developer from Bulgaria?

With full stack web developers being in high demand globally, your organization will be well-positioned to hire such a developer for your programing and user interface needs. However, with multiple and competent full stack web developers emerging in Bulgaria, considered Eastern Europe’s Silicon Valley, as well as the competitive rates for these professionals, you’ll be well positioned to provide a high-quality user interface to your clients which is backed by a solid back end strategy executed by the full stack web developer and their team. 

What’s more is that apart from competence and affordability, full stack web developers in Bulgaria work in a highly attractive time zone and meet the cultural requirements and expectations of organizations from North America and Western Europe. For North American organizations, this means that your full stack web developer can perform the required tasks for you while you sleep and ensure that you get results at a much faster but high-quality rate. 

Therefore, choosing Bulgaria as your destination for full stack web developers is the ideal solution to pursue when you need a front and back end web specialist. 

Where can you find your next full stack web developer?

We already mentioned that full stack web developers are in high demand globally. But that doesn’t mean that your talent search process needs to be an onerous or difficult one. In fact, at StorsenDigital, we can find, source, locate, and pair you with the right full stack web developer for your needs. You can either browse our Experts section or get in touch with one of our team members to discuss your organization’s web development needs in more detail to find you the perfect match. Getting in touch takes a quick click of a button and we’ll be ready to assist. So, don’t hesitate to reach out to us and we’ll make sure you find the perfect match in no time.