Yump.in: A World of New Possibilities for Children with Disabilities

Life is full of challenges, and for some, these challenges are even greater. Children with disabilities in Bosnia and Herzegovina face numerous obstacles in their daily lives. These children often encounter barriers in the educational system, healthcare services, and access to resources that would aid in their development. Unfortunately, the lack of support and tailored content further hinders their progress and inclusion in society.

One of the key issues they face in Bosnia and Herzegovina is the lack of adapted educational materials and content that would provide them with equal opportunities for learning and growth. In the age of advanced technology and the increasing use of social media and smartphones, it is crucial to understand that these children, just like any others, have similar needs for dynamic content and participation in modern trends.

The Train of Change for Children with Disabilities

This is where a creative story begins, brought to life by the visionary mind of a young student at the Faculty of Dentistry in Sarajevo, Dženana Duvnjak. With project coordination assistance from Azra Zahirović, this young activist, originally from Bugojno, has initiated a platform unique to our region. And that is precisely why we want to introduce it in our BTS (Behind the Success) powered by StorsenDigital.

This platform is designed for children with disabilities, serving as a significant step toward providing them with support and tailored content that aids in their development and learning. Through quizzes, stories, and songs adapted to their age, Yump.in allows children to have fun, learn, and develop their skills in a way that is accessible and relevant to their specific situation. Furthermore, parents, teachers, friends, and all children seeking audio entertainment can enjoy the content on this platform.

Yump, an abbreviation for “Your unique multimedia platform,” was created as a volunteer and donor initiative, aiming to offer suitable online content for children with autism and other difficulties.

The mission of the online platform Yump.in is to provide appropriate content for the entertainment and learning of children with mild developmental difficulties.

The vision of the online platform is to build a bridge between content users, content creators (educators, psychologists, sociologists, etc.), and institutions that will utilize the platform in their daily work with children.

The idea behind the platform emerged spontaneously. As someone with younger siblings, I am sensitive to the challenges children face during their upbringing, and I often wonder about the same challenges faced by children with developmental difficulties,” Dženana tells us.

Dženana emphasized that the process was not easy, and she faced various challenges during the over four months of work.

“Nevertheless, I enjoyed every moment of working on the project because I knew the idea is worth of it and can create something special for the children,” concludes Dženana.

After crossing paths with Azra at an activist training in Bugojno, the idea received a boost for development. The initial ambition was to create an application, but as a pilot project, they developed a website, and these two ambitious young women have no plans to stop there. After the platform’s launch in June of this year, they are more determined than ever to bring the project to the next level and gain partners and supporters.

“Project Yump.in falls under corporate social responsibility (CSR), which our company recognized. That’s why StorsenDigital decided to support the realization of the first version of the website. This is a healthy and beneficial idea that will help society as a whole, and we are very happy to be part of this story,” Azra emphasizes.

She adds that building a more inclusive world is necessary because we are all here with a mission to make our country more equal for all citizens.

Call for Volunteers to Participate

With various levels of quizzes and enjoyable listening to songs and stories, children with disabilities can spend their time productively and with fun. These are some of the reasons why this idea has been received so positively by the audience.

However, the development is still in its early stages, so the biggest challenge is engaging expert staff, which is also essential for the platform’s growth. Currently, Dženana and Azra are working on improving the platform, while their friends, volunteers, and collaborators have helped with the content as such.

Any kind of support is welcome for the development of this brilliant idea. The project openly accepts advice, professional and material assistance. The goal of the project is to connect with experts, organize events that will enable further networking and strategy development. They hope that one day they will develop a mobile application, for which they will need more professional and financial support.

In a time when most children and adolescents spend their time on social media and smartphones, there’s not much we can do to prevent them. However, we can at least provide them with quality and tailored content, which is why this platform offers tremendous potential that will undoubtedly be recognized.

If you want to support the development of this platform in any of the following ways: through voluntary creative work, donations, professional or other advice, or by sharing your experience, we invite you to visit the Yump.in page and hop aboard the train of change for a world of new possibilities.

Published: July 25, 2023

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StorsenDigital is a leading company that specializes in sourcing the best outsourcing talents in Europe. With the rise of remote work and digital transformation, skilled professionals are in high demand, and StorsenDigital is at the forefront of managing the supply and demand of these talents.